About Us

American Academic Advisors (美國升學顧問中心) helps students pursue their study in the United States. Being a US education expert, we identify and select schools, academic programs, test preparation courses, and summer activities for students at different grade levels.  We provide professional help throughout the planning and application process.

US Education Expert helps students reach their goals

Since 2007, American Academic Advisors, with its broad knowledge of different pathways to US universities, has built a solid record of helping students, from Hong Kong, China, UK, the US, Japan, and other countries, get into their dream schools and universities, including the top ranked universities and the Ivy League. Some of our students have been awarded with scholarships and the largest scholarship won is US$120,000.

Featured Services and Information Provided by American Academic Advisors:

University Admissions Service

Community College Application

Application Essay Services

Boarding School Application

Summer Programs

US Visa

DSE Students – Studying in USA

Fast-track Program (students completing G10/Y11/F.4 or completing F.5)