Thanks a lot for offering your kind help to him and us as parents, especially during the early stage when we knew so little about the US education process. Having his dream fulfilled is surely one of our biggest achievements.

Mother of student attending UCLA (Design I Media Arts) (#24 National Universities)

Many of my friends, now applying to college, are spending large amounts of time and energy trying to figure out the college application process. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with AAA. I wholly recommend their meticulous approach as it has both saved me time and delivered the results I was after.

Hugo T, Hong Kong student attending the University of Chicago (#3 National Universities)

AAA helped me make a specific plan when I was in grade 10, including the target standard test score, my activities that have a clear theme and how to deal with loads of school work. Most importantly, they suggested me to attend the block plan in Colorado College last summer. After that, I visited several liberal arts colleges in the United States. By visiting these schools, not only did colleges have a chance to know me in person, but also I have a chance to know which place I would like to spend four years of my life. Without AAA, I would not have thought that I would spend my 12th grade summer in the US as a Chinese student who is supposed to study for her standardized test

Flora Z, a Chinese student accepted to Claremont McKenna College (#9 National Liberal Arts Colleges) and Colorado College (#24 National Liberal Arts Colleges, with Merit Scholarship)

AAA provided comprehensive and detailed information of US universities to us. They listened and answered our questions very patiently; helped us make informed decisions. They had a thorough understanding of our needs and customized a targeted admissions plan for my daughter.

Mother of student attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: SAIC