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American Academic Advisors offer a variety of resources to clients and the general public about university admissions in USA. We offer these resources to help you select and apply to the right colleges for each individual student.

resources test 留 學 資 訊Standardized Tests

Among the most important milestones in applying for university in the United States are the various standardized testing requirements and options. But many people may not fully understand the importance of these tests in the admissions process and their choices. One of the admissions requirements of many US universities is the standardized test. There are two types of standardized test: (1) SAT and ACT for both domestic and international students (2) English proficiency tests for international students whose mother tongue is not English – TOEFL and IELTS. Test scores of all four exams are accepted by most of the US universities. International students will only need to take either SAT or ACT, and TOEFL or IELTS. Below are some useful links:

In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority oversees the administration of the SAT and ACT exams

In China, the TOEFL examination is administered by a separate agency, NEEA TOEFL iBT Online Registration.

More US universities are going test-optional or test-flexible and no longer require applicants to submit standardized test scores.  They pay more attention to the applicant’s school grades, extracurricular activities, essays, and other personal strengths and talent. If you want to know which colleges do not require SAT and ACT scores, please contact us.

US Education System

The US education system is characterized by its abundance of choice and flexibility. It offers a lot of opportunities and options for international students. Every student can find a way to achieve his academic goals and have a wonderful learning experience in the US. To know more about the education system of the US

Common Application

Most of the top universities in the United States allow students to apply through a single, web-based application. Ostensibly, this online application makes it much easier for students to apply to multiple colleges across the country, both public and private. However, over the years, each college and university that is a member of the Common Application has found ways to customize the application for internal, institutional reasons. Each member school may have different questions and supplemental essays.

To view the Common Application and to sign up for an account, please visit their the Common Application official website.

2017-2018 Common Application Essay Prompts

Although the Common Application has nearly 700 member universities, some universities still use their own application systems, such as the University of California, which is one of the popular choices for international students.

HKEXCELInternational Baccalaureate

Many high schools in the US and in Hong Kong have adopted the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which is a unique curriculum requiring students to study courses across all disciplines and completing more challenging assignments. Free resources of individual IB subjects are provided by HKExcel, an education center specialized in IB education and teaching of IB exam strategies.

Free IB Resources by HKExcel

HKExcel Students’ Testimonials

resources University Rankings US 留 學 資 訊University Rankings

At American Academic Advisors, we know that most people are concerned about the ranking of universities in the USA. While we understand the human tendency to try to measure quality, we find that education is difficult to rate or rank in an objective fashion. To help our clients and the general public to understand the many different ranking systems and the ways in which others have tried to measure educational quality,we offer this comprehensive list of university rankings in the USA.